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Staying active during lockdown

Hayley, FAST

October 7, 2020

This week we have a special guest contributor for our blog post, Hayley from FAST. She looks at why, as a family, we should still be trying to remain active during this new lockdown and how.

FAST (Families Active Sporting Together) is an exciting programme that runs in Banbury, Bicester, and Kidlington's in certain targeted wards. The FAST programme aims to make it easier for families to enjoy physical activity and sport together. Visit their website to find out more here.

During this epidemic, it is essential to stay active and keep your mind and body stimulated. It is important to go out every day to get your daily exercise, whether it is a walk, run or bike ride. Exercise is not only crucial in staying fit and healthy but is good for your mind and mental wellbeing, especially during this lockdown phrase.

Every day I try and complete a different type of exercise. These range from dog walks, to a run, bike ride or even a home circuit in the garden (when the weathers nice). Once I have done my daily exercise, I feel refreshed and energised to carry on with the day. I use 'Map My Run' App by Under Armour, to track my daily exercise. This app is useful because you can see the distance of your chosen exercise, the route you took and other information like calories burned and pace per mile/KM. You can also change it to track the exercise that you are doing.

If you are up for a challenge whilst exercising or want to accomplish something. The couch to 5K app is brilliant because over a 9-week period it will coach you through each run, so by the end of the programme, you will be able to run 5K, hopefully without stopping. The app is free and easy to navigate your way around. It also gives you the opportunity to choose a celebrity to be your coach.

Yoga is a good exercise to do as it reliefs stress, motivates the mind and reduces any muscle tensions within the body. It is also proven that yoga can increase concentration levels, which is useful when working from home or completing school work.

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