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It is our number one priority to keep you and our staff safe during this time. Many of our services are running remotely with enhanced health and safety measures put in place. Find out more about how each of our services has been affected.
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Achieve Healthy Weight Loss works with a range of partners to deliver from over 50 locations across Oxfordshire. This makes our range of FREE programmes easily accessible.

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In addition to running our own “Lose Weight With Achieve” programme we can alternatively provide FREE access to Slimming World, WW or MANvFAT. We are able to provide one of these services to any person within each 12 month period. There is also a range of invaluable resources on this website which are FREE to download.

Find out more about each of our services below and if you are ready to apply simply Sign Up and complete our online form. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.


lose weight with achieve

Tried it all before and looking for a fresh approach? Our evidence based 12 week programme is designed by our experienced dieticians. The weekly sessions combine education and exercise to achieve sustained weight loss.

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ww - weight watchers reimagined

WW have helped millions of people to live more happy and healthy lives over the years. The programme started as regular coffee mornings for people to support each other in reaching their weight-loss goals. We can provide a free voucher for 12 weeks.

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slimming world

Slimming World’s generous eating plan “makes slimming easier than you ever thought possible!” Instead of telling you what you can and can’t eat, Slimming World’s “Food Optimising” puts you in control. We can provide a free voucher for 12 weeks.

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man v fat

A new approach to men's weight loss, where losers win. Choose between Man v Fat Challenge and and Man V Fat Football.
Man V Fat makes weight loss competitive by putting you into teams.

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A new digital 12-week weight loss programme that guides, educates and empowers its users to take control of their health and happiness. Our online platform can be accessed on most devices.

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swim 2 slim

An innovative new 12-week program that combines all the benefits of swimming with a supported weight loss programme. Participants will receive 10 one hour swimming sessions with an expect Swimming Coach.

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what our clients say...

"I have lost 19lbs on WW and it was just the boost I needed. I have now purchased 3 months membership and feel on track to high my target weight."

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