man v fat Football

What is it?

MAN v FAT Football is the UK's leading men's weight loss programme, where losers win! Once signed up to be a MAN v FAT player, you will be teamed with other like-minded men, who are on a mission to lose weight through their love of football. Players weekly weight loss contributes to the score of the weekly football match, so every pound counts! With diet and nutrition guidance from a qualified coach, access to a leading mental health platform and membership to MAN v FAT online gym, all aspects of your wellbeing are covered with a MAN v FAT membership.

There are three MAN v FAT Football leagues in Oxfordshire, located in Oxford, Banbury and Abingdon, each of which have a hugely supportive community to help everyone achieve their goals of getting fitter and healthier.

Signing Up:

You can sign up to for MAN v FAT Football by clicking the button below.
Use the code ACHIEVE to access your fully funded space.

Please note: A £10 refundable deposit is required to sign up, which is reimbursed on successful completion of the programme.

Leagues in Oxfordshire looking for players:

Abingdon league:

WHEN: Wednesdays at 8pm - 9pm
WHERE: Tisley Park, Dunmore Road, Abingdon, OX14 1PU

Banbury league:
WHEN: Sunday 6pm-8pm
WHERE: North Oxfordshire Academy, Drayton Road, OX16 0UD


To be eligible for our MAN v FAT programme, you need to have a BMI of at least 27.5 and and be living, working or studying in Oxfordshire.

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what our players say...

"I was put into a team with other guys who are all pulling in the same direction that’s why it works."