man v fat

What is it?
MAN v FAT is a tailored weight loss service for men. You can choose from one of their two offerings: MAN v FAT Challenge or MAN v FAT Football. Find out more about the two offerings and their eligibility criteria below!

Signing Up:
You can sign up to for ManvFat Football and Man v Fat challenge through the links below.

the programmes

man v fat football

FA-backed football leagues exclusively for overweight men who want to lose weight. You will score goals for your team on the pitch as well as by losing weight. The Oxford league runs from Barton Park Pavilion on Monday evenings. A Bicester league has just started.

The duration for each season is 14 weeks.

- Men only
- BMI must be greater than 27.5

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man v fat challenge

MAN v FAT Challenge is an online weight loss programme for men who want to lose weight from home. You will be put into teams and you can secure points based on nutrition and exercise challenges. Over 90% of players lose weight and get fitter, why not join them?

The duration of each Challenge season is 12 weeks.

- Men only
- BMI must be greater than 25

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what our players say...

"I was put into a team with other guys who are all pulling in the same direction that’s why it works."