Our team of friendly practitioners have a wealth of experience and knowledge to help guide and support you. With expertise in nutrition, physical activity and psychology, you can be assured that you are in capable hands.


Adult Weight Management Practitioner

Tracey is currently retraining to be a nutritionist and is in her final year of a BSc in Nutrition at Oxford Brookes. Tracey’s interest and expertise centre around helping people to adopt a healthy, holistic approach to sustainable weight loss. With an empathic and collaborative approach, Tracey supports her client’s to free themselves of the constraints and unrealistic expectations of ‘diets’, enabling them to enjoy food and life by making healthy food and lifestyle choices that support sustainable weight loss and improve well-being


Adult Weight Management Practitioner

Emma retrained to follow her passion for helping people to live healthy lives by completing an MSc in Applied Human Nutrition in 2022. Emma joined the Achieve Oxfordshire team in January 2023. Her evidence-based, no-nonsense approach makes sure her advice is simple, effective and can be easily fitted into a person's day to day life. She combines the most up-to-date nutrition and lifestyle research to help optimise and support physical and mental well-being. Emma has a passion for how nutrition and lifestyle can support better mental health and neurodiversity. Emma also enjoys delivering nutrition workshops to school-aged children.


Child Weight Management Practitioner

Ellie is a Registered Associate Nutritionist and has been a part of the Achieve Oxfordshire team since June 2022. She has a BSc Nutrition and Exercise for Health and MSc Nutrition and has previously worked in a variety of childcare settings. Ellie is passionate about using her nutritional knowledge and experience working with children to support families on their journey towards healthier lifestyles.


Gloji Mind Plus Practitioner

Beth is a Registered Associate Nutritionist with a passion to improve wellbeing from the inside out. She has previously worked for the NHS, working one-to-one with oncology patients and offering dietetic support through the many challenges they encounter. After acquiring a BSc Nutrition degree at Oxford Brookes University, she quickly realised how improving her own health both physically and mentally, positively impacted other areas of her life. This has since given her the drive to help others feel empowered and reconnect with themselves.


Adult Weight Management Practitioner

Abi is a Registered Associate Nutritionist with an MScs in Applied Human Nutrition, from Oxford Brookes. She has worked with clients and local schools, children’s centres and local companies on a variety of topics from sports nutrition to sustainable weight loss and her specialist interest is food and its affect on mood and well-being and helping women navigate the menopause. She has also been an associate lecturer at Oxford Brookes since 2018. Her passion is to empower people with evidence-based information to make lifestyle changes which give them happier and healthier lives..


Child Weight Management Lead

Maddy is a qualified Registered Associate Nutritionist and has been a part of the Achieve Oxfordshire team since September 2020. She has a BSc Nutrition, Diet and Lifestyle degree and graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in November 2019. Maddy is passionate about supporting individuals on their journey and encouraging a holistic approach when it comes to diet. Her behaviour change and nutritional knowledge skills will motivate clients to embrace and maintain a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.


Adult Weight Management Practitioner, Behaviour Change Specialist

Robyn’s area of expertise is in the mental and emotional side of weight loss, including topics such as motivation, habit change, psychological barriers to exercise, comfort eating and how to change mindset around weight loss. With twelve years of experience in coaching and therapeutic work, Robyn loves helping people overcome challenges, improve their health and wellbeing, and find solutions they can feel good about.