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Your personal information and what we do with it

1. Why do you collect my information?

Achieve Oxfordshire collects your information when you are referred to us as a potential client to check that you are eligible for our service. We are the adult and child (4-12years old) weight management service commissioned by Oxfordshire County Council.

We provide behaviour change programmes to help clients achieve a healthy weight sustainably. If you are enrolled in our service, we use your information to manage our interactions with you and the care we provide.

2. Who do you get my data from? 

Referrals into our service either come from you as a self-referral or from a healthcare professional.  Ongoing data about your weight loss journey is received from you. 

3. How does data protection law allow you to use my data? 

If you have referred yourself into our service, we would be using your data on the basis that you have initially given us consent to do so, and from there that we are providing you with a healthcare service, which by itself gives us a basis for using your data. If you have been referred by a healthcare professional, we work on the understanding that they have discussed the initial referral with you and you agreement with it being made, and once it is received by us similarly, that we are providing you with a healthcare service. 

4. What information of mine do you use? 

The personal data we use for you includes your name, date of birth, NHS number (if provided), address, your GP’s name and address and your gender. We also use more sensitive data including your ethnicity, health data (physical and/or mental), any disability you may have and medications that you use.  Personal data such as date of birth, postcode, and Body Mass Index, along with any disclosed health conditions all help us to determine if you are an eligible client for our service. When you do your weekly weigh-ins we store these so we can monitor programme activity and measure your progress for you. Your weight, postcode, ethnicity, disclosed mental or physical disability, gender, are stored to help us ensure we deliver inclusive programmes for the people and communities we serve.

5. Do you share my information with anyone? 

We are likely to share some of your information with Slimming World, WW (formerly Weight Watchers) and Better Leisure. We share your name and contact details so that they can process your referral and enable you to start the programme. Better Leisure receive client names and contact details for those who participate in the Swim to Slim programme and venues in South and Vale of White Horse vfd. 

6. Does any of my information get sent outside of the UK? 

We are currently using a system for collecting data from you that stores data from you in the UnitedStates. However, we are actively working on moving this to a system based in the UK. 

7. How long do you keep my information? 

We keep your information for eight years for adult weight management and 25 years for child weight management (or 26th birthday if child was 17 when the programme ended). .

As an organisation we may make the decision to store these forlonger if deemed appropriate or necessary.  

8. What about my rights under Data Protection law, how can I activate them? Under Data Protection law you have the right to:

Be informed how your data is used (which is what this leaflet is doing). Access to your information.
Rectification of errors.
Erasure(in certain circumstances).
Restriction of processing (in certain circumstances)·
Objection to processing.
Understand whether profiling or automated decision-making is being used (see Section 9). 

If you would like to request or discuss any of these, please contact our Data Protection Officer using the details at the end of this leaflet.

9. Do you use any automated decision-making or profiling on my information? 

No. However, if you select that you are pregnant, or have attended and paid for Slimming World or WW in the past 3 months, or have accessed a programme through Achieve in the past 12 months you will get different responses letting you know that you can access Achieve 12 months after your last referral, when they have given birth or when 3 months has passed since the last payment to Slimming World or WeightWatchers. 

10. What do I do if I am concerned about how you are using my information? 

In the first instance we would be grateful for the opportunity to respond to your concerns ourselves and hopefully sort out any issues for you. To help with this, please write to our Data Protection Officer and Head of Service at the following address:

Hannah Pearce

‍PoonamAhujaData Protection Officer

‍If you are not satisfiedwith the outcome of our support, you may take your complaint to the InformationCommissioner’s Office, which regulates Data Protection. Its address is

Information Commissioner’s Office
Wycliffe House, Water Lane,
Wilmslow, Cheshire,

It can be contacted by telephone on 0303 123 1113 or by email on