Lose Weight with Achieve

Tired of diet 'rules' and want to learn more about nutrition and behaviour change? Our Lose Weight With Achieve course is written by a team of Dietitians and will provide you with the knowledge and skills that you need to make healthy changes that last.

How does it work

Tired of diets, rules and restrictions? Keen to not only lose weight, but keep it off for the long term?  


Our Lose Weight With Achieve course is here to educate and empower you to take charge of your health and wellbeing.


Delivered by experts in nutrition, physical activity and behaviour change, Lose Weight With Achieve helps you build healthy habits around food and physical activity for long term, sustainable change.  

  • 10 group sessions for support, accountability and sharing knowledge
  • 1:1 support from your practitioner between sessions (optional)
  • A safe, judgement-free space with no public weigh-ins
  • A holistic approach combining education around nutrition, physical     activity and behaviour change
  • Our aim is to take away the pressure, stress, and guilt so many people feel around food and weight loss, and instead, focus on small, targeted changes that are a fit for your lifestyle.  
  • Each session covers a one-hour informative topic which includes conversations around managing portions, understanding sugars and fats, the importance of regular eating, motivation, goal setting and the benefits of movement.
  • The course consists of a 1:1 entry interview, 10 group sessions, and an end of course interview to notice your wins and plan for the future
  • We follow up with you 3 months after the course ends and 6 months after that to offer long term support
  • We have group sessions running in the morning, afternoon and evening
  • 60 minute sessions will run weekly at the same time, either held online of face to face across Oxfordshire
  • Face to face sessions include an additional 30 minutes of physical activity which is led by a qualified physical activity instructor
  • 1:1 support with your practitioner is available between sessions
  • Your weight will not be shared with anyone else in the group
  • Membership to our virtual gym is included free of charge


Our Practitioners have a wealth of experience and knowledge to help guide and support you through your Lose Weight with Achieve journey. All of our practitioners are friendly, supportive, and experts in their fields of nutrition, physical activity and behaviour change.  They also undergo regular professional development to ensure that their skills continue to grow.

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I’ve tried losing weight before. Why would this programme be any different?


What do the sessions cover?


When and where are the sessions held?


How long are each of the sessions?



Inclusion Criteria

Exclusion Criteria

Inclusion/exclusion Criteria


  • Oxfordshire resident, working in Oxfordshire, studying in Oxfordshire or registered to an Oxfordshire GP surgery
  • You must be over the age of 18
  • BMI greater than 30 OR greater than 27.5 with a comorbidity OR greater 27.5 if you are from a Black, Asian and Minority (BAME) community OR greater than 23 if you are from a BAME community and have a comorbidity
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  • You must not have accessed a free service via Achieve Oxfordshire in the last 12 months
  • You must not have been a paying member of Slimming World or WW in the last 3 months

Unfortunately, we are unable to support you via one of our services if any of the following health statuses apply to you:

  • Complex diabetes*
  • Known eating disorder - Other mental health conditions will be considered on a case by case basis
  • Currently pregnant

*Click here to view our full list of eligibility criteria

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what our clients say...

"The virtual meetings and the option to have my camera off was really beneficial. I am quite anxious about being judged so found the anonymity really comforting."

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