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Food on the go

Food on the Go!

Let’s talk about eating healthily during shift work or having a job where you are always ‘on the road’.

It can be tough. You’ve had a 5am start or you’ve been on the road since the crack of dawn. You rush out the house, without even a sniff of food and a few hours later, your stomach’s rumbles could match an angry T-rex. You reach for the nearest snack…What is it?Something from a vending machine? A greasy sausage roll from the service station?Although these snacks might satisfy your immediate hunger, they are nutritionally empty. This means they won’t fill you up for long and shortly after you’ll probably be feeling hungry again…not to mention they aren’t great for your waist line!

food on the go

So, what do you do? Plan ahead.

I can hear you rolling your eyes! "Oh that’s such a lot of effort, I haven’t got time". This blog is to show you that making healthier decisions doesn't have to take double the effort.Here are some low calorie, healthy snack ideas that will help keep you full until your next meal, requiring little to no prep time! Remember high fibre foods are your friend when it comes to keeping you full!

- Vegetable sticks and Hummus

- Piece of fruit

- Lightly salted rice cakes

- Handful of plain nuts

- Plain popcorn

- Boiled Egg

- 2 Rich Tea biscuits

food on the go

However, if you haven’t had chance to prep, and you find yourself in a fast food place, we have some healthier options for you. You’re welcome.

Look on a menu for phrases like light / lite bites, a green heart symbol, low calorie sections on menus, healthy options etc.

For example:

- Ham and Egg Salad Sub Roll – watch the mayo, it’ll sneak up on ya!

- Tuna and Cucumber Sandwich

- Butterfly Chicken with Sweet Potato Mash and Chargrilled Veg

- Classic Chicken Pitta with a Side Salad

- Oats So Simple Porridge and a bag of Fruit

- Grilled Chicken and Bacon Salad

- Wheat Bread with a Chicken Filling

If having a sandwich made especially it is worth remembering that chicken is a lean meat, although turkey would also be a sensible choice. Make sure you ask for just one slice of cheese (or less) and stick to lettuce, cucumber, onions and peppers for salad. Instead of four lines of sauce, go for two and save some calories.

I hope we’ve dropped a few simple knowledge bombs on you today! Remember, if you want some support in your healthy eating or losing weight journey, just head over to our get started page HERE.

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