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What is World Food Day?


It’s a day to promote worldwide awareness and action for those who suffer from hunger and for the need to ensure healthy diets for all.

What can we do to help?

1. Choose Local – Wherever and whenever you can, support food heroes by buying local produce from your local farmers’ market. By doing this, you are helping those smallholder farmers that produce food on a smaller scale; you are also supporting your local economy and encouraging crop diversity.

2. Choose seasonal – Did you know that buying produce in season can reduce your carbon footprint massively. When food is out of season in a particular part of the world, it has to be imported, resulting in the product having travelled many miles before reaching the local market. Also eating in season means the product is at its best meaning it’s a lot tastier and nutritious.

3. Grow food at home – If you have a green space at home, a balcony, an allotment or any space for plants, then you can learn how to grow your own fruits and veg. You’ll learn about how food is produced and the appreciation for all the work that goes into cultivating it. Bear in mind, this process is all about trial and error, sometimes your veggies might not grow, or they may get eaten by other creatures. However, when you have mastered it, it is an excellent skill to acquire.

4. Choose healthy and diverse – A healthy diet contributes to a healthy life. When we choose to eat more diversely and encourage a variety of foods into our diet, this is not only healthy for our bodies but healthier for the environment because a diverse diet favours biodiversity. So, go and try something that you thought you didn’t like because we need to try something at least 10 times before we can decide whether we like it or not!!

5. Respect food and food heroes – Food loss and waste can occur throughout the food production system before it even gets to your plate! We can do our bit to reduce food waste by learning how to store uneaten food to keep it fresh and using leftovers for another meal.

6. Support development initiatives – By supporting initiatives such as school meals, nutrition programmes in your local community, you too can spread awareness and importance of healthy eating and supporting the education of nutrition in schools.

7. Join initiatives – Anyone can be a food hero, even you! Look for volunteer opportunities at your local food bank or community kitchen. It’s a great way to be involved in collective action and support those who need help.

8. Use social media – Promote healthy eating and buying habits on social media and get people talking about World Food Day using the hashtag #WorldFoodDay. Even if you’re not on social media, word of mouth works just as well!

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