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Free Healthy Family Resource Pack


October 7, 2020

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At Achieve we believe that home is where healthy starts. That's why this summer, as well as providing access to our free weight management programmes, we're giving families in Oxfordshire the opportunity to access our free healthy family resource pack. Read more about our campaign by clicking HERE. Get your resource pack!

Get access to...

Healthy Family Resource Pack

We've put together a healthy family resource pack containing

  • 21 recipes
  • 1 week-long family-friendly meal plan
  • 2 reward sheets
  • Blank food diary
  • Healthy lunchbox guide
  • 5-a-day guide

Together, these resources will provide residents of Oxfordshire with self-sufficient tools to take steps towards a healthier lifestyle as a family. They have been designed with families in mind, to make healthy eating easy, enjoyable and, most importantly, affordable. Scroll down for some tips on how to use your pack!

Evidence shows that when one family member makes a healthy change, it has a positive impact on the whole family's health and wellbeing. So imagine what a change it would make if everyone in the family got involved!Download your healthy family resource pack here:

Ready to make a change?

Follow these 10 small steps to kickstart your healthy family journey!

1. Download our healthy family resource pack

First of all, get prepared! Preparation is half the battle – but luckily we've done most of the work for you! Our resources will give you the proper tools to get started on your way to becoming a healthy family.

2. Make a shopping list

Use our meal planner or make your own. Forward-planning, batch-cooking and using leftovers all make healthy eating on a budget a doddle.

3. Set your goals

What are you hoping to achieve? Whether you want to lose a bit of weight, improve your mood or just do more together as a family, it's good to have a manageable, measurable goal to work towards. Break it down into small steps to give yourself encouragement along the way.

Healthy Family Plan

4. Cook up a storm

Get cooking! We've included plenty of recipes in our pack but you can find even more in the Eat Well section of our website by clicking HERE. Or view some of our recipe videos over on our Facebook page.

5. Get moving

It's not all about food. It's recommended that children get at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day. And with the rest of us spending more and more time of our days looking at a screen, setting time aside to get outside has never been more important. Read our tips to get walking HERE.

6. Hit your five a day

Sometimes this seems impossible. But with just a few simple adjustments, eating enough fruit and veg, while staying on a budget, is more than achievable for every family. Our helpful guide is included in your resource pack. Click HERE to read our 6 tips to 5 a day success.

Healthy Family Plan

7. Try something new

Whether eating some new fruit or vegetables, or trying an activity you've never attempted before, giving something new a go is a fantastic way to give yourself a boost. You might surprise yourself!

8. Reward yourself

We all need to take stock every now and again and appreciate how far we've come. So we've included some sticker charts in our pack for you to check off your progress – all you need to decide is what the reward for a completed chart is! Don't forget to tag us on Facebook @achieveoxfordshire when you've completed your chart!

9. Join our community

Our growing online community is also a great place to gather tips and recipes, ask for evidence-based advice, or to simply find some inspiration. Join us now!

Healthy Family Plan

10. Book a workshop for your school

Want even more advice? We are also offering free healthy family workshops to interested schools in the Oxfordshire area. If you would be interested in us coming in to deliver a 1-hour workshop on nutrition and physical activity for children and their parents, please contact us at

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