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It is our number one priority to keep you and our staff safe during this time. Many of our services are running remotely with enhanced health and safety measures put in place. Find out more about how each of our services has been affected.
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Street Tag - New Community League

October 7, 2020

Join up for the Oxfordshire community league. You can play as a team of up to six, or as an individual to collect points in for the chance to win rewards.  Every 12 weeks the leaderboard top 10 will win a reward from the city council or their local district council. 

·      Download the Street Tag app from the Play Store or App Store

·      Select Oxfordshire for the league table

·      Create your team or play as an individual.

·      Earn points from physical activities indoor and outdoor- walking, running, cycling by scanning virtual tags and convert your steps into Street Tag Points

·      Top the leaderboard to get rewards and the chance to win prizes from Street Tag such as amazon vouchers, gift cards, sports equipment and lots more.

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