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New Achieve Podcast - Top Tips for Effective Goal Setting

At Achieve Oxfordshire, we are all about viewing health holistically and supporting our clients to make small, positive behaviour changes and our Facebook lives/podcasts are just one of the ways we like to do that.

We focus on a variety of topics, all of which relate back to our three key messages: Eat Well, Move More and Be Kind. Each week, two members of our team will cover a different topic - explaining the science, busting the myths and sharing useful tips. Our team consists of experts on nutrition, fitness and health psychology, so we’re ready to cover whatever topics are most relevant to you.

On this very first episode, we are looking at making small changes to our behaviours, and we realise it can be tricky to know where to start. Setting effective goals is the key to achieving success and making long-lasting behaviour changes. Our Health Psychology Lead, Robyn joins Victoria, Senior Healthy Lifestyles Practitioner to give her top tips on how to do just that.

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