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Six reasons to work out with a friend

October 7, 2020

Was one of your new year resolutions to move more? If so, we know it can be tricky to find the motivation get up and get active when you've got a lot on your plate. Do you want to know how you can make it easier to do more physical activity? Our answer is Team Up for 2019 and work out with a friend!

Evidence -based guidelines suggest that adults should aim to do 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise each week, with strength exercises on 2 or more days per week.The benefits of physical activity are endless! People who do regular physical activity can reduce their risks of coronary heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and depression to name a few. However, finding the motivation to incorporate more physical activity into our day to day lives can be easier said than done.But wait, there's a solution! Research has found that people who exercise with a friend will work out for longer and more vigorously. This is because exercise is 'socially contagious'. So what are you waiting for? Grab a friend and get a date in the diary to get active together!Not completely sold? We've got six reasons why working out with a friend might benefit you today . . .


If you normally exercise alone, it can be really easy to cancel on yourself when you're feeling tired or stressed. However, if you've made plans with a friend to get outside or go to the gym, you're far less likely to cancel on them as you won't want to let them down!


Doing the same workout on your own can soon become dull. Working out with a friend can open the door to a whole host of new exercises or activities that you might not have considered before. You never know, you might discover your new favourite sport!


If you're new to strength exercises, it may take a little while to get used to it and find the right technique. Working out with a friend means you've got someone to help identify adjustments you could make to your technique and help reduce the risk of injuries.


By working out with a friend, you have someone to keep you company and laugh a long with as you get active. The more positive emotions you have related to physical activity, the more likely you are to look forward to and embrace your 150 minutes of weekly activity. Working out with a friend also provides you with the opportunity to interact with people outside of work or other commitments.

Social Wellbeing

Going to work each day or looking after family can leave little time for our social lives. However, working out with a friend can provide you with the opportunity to interact with people outside of work and family life. Whether it's going for a brisk walk with a friend or finding a new class to attend together, having a chance to step away from life's responsibilities and finding common ground with a friend can do wonders for our social wellbeing.

Celebrate your success

Set yourself the goal of moving more in 2019? Setting a goal with a friend means you've got someone to celebrate with when you reach your target. Whether its the Couch to 5k plan or incorporating more brisk walks into your day, achieving your goals with a friend is likely to make moving more a more enjoyable experience.

work out with a friend

Inspired to team up with a friend in 2019? We can help you to achieve your goals today!

Free Resources

Head to our Team Up for 2019 page where you can access to free resources to help you eat well and move more with friends and family. Why not download our Active 10 challenge to see who can get the most brisk walking done in a week?

Man V Fat

If you're a man and love football, why not sign up for a free place on the Man V Fat Football league? The Oxford City league takes place in Barton every Monday evening. Sign up to get started here.

Check out Go Active

Go Active is the county wide brand for physical activity opportunities in Oxfordshire. Head to the website to find out what's in your area and sign up with a friend today!

work out with a friend

Hopefully this week has provided you with some great reasons to work out with a friend and different ways to do so!Want more support? It takes less than 2 minute to apply for one of our free weight loss programmes. Visit our Get Started page to find out more.Want to Team Up for 2019? To get access to healthy recipes and exercise challenges to support you to eat well and move more with friends and family, click here.

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