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A poem by former client, Mary

This week's blog is a special one! We have a poem written by a former client, Mary Clifton who recently completed a lose weight with achieve course in Banbury! We are so pleased that Mary had such a great experience with us at Achieve Oxfordshire and would love if her words inspire any one to give the course a go...


I was fat and sluggish, and my joints were stiff and sore,I joined Achieve Oxfordshire and leggings new, I wore.Frances introduced me to Tai chi, soft and kind,"I can do this" I thought, and to the task I set my mind.At each class, I wondered whatever I would learn,each time was a little harder and I began to feel the burn.I progressed onto circuits and used resistance bands,it was then I noticed, the fat had gone off of my hands.My hips no longer grumble and my knees I now can bend,I realise that exercise is becoming my best friend.With Frances' help and encouragement, getting me to move around,when she asked me to do a star jump, I nearly left the ground!I'm losing weight and feeling better in body and in mind,the exercise is hard, but it's worth putting in the time.So, join a course like I did and bend and stretch and sweat,getting healthier is serious and something never to regret.My husband is happier having a better looking wife,and putting all the jokes aside, it may have saved my life!- Mary Clifton, Banbury. October 2019.

poem by former client mary

Feeling inspired?

If Mary's words have inspired you to get started on your healthy weight loss journey, head over to our Get Started page here. We will have a bunch of new groups starting in the new year so now is a great time get yourself on a waiting list to sign up!If you have completed a course with us in the past and would like to share your experience, we would love to hear from you! You can contact us via phone, email or post!

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