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What can you expect from Achieve?

Not sure what to expect from Lose Weight With Achieve? Skeptical due to previous weight loss experience? Fiona felt the exact same when she was referred to our service. Now she is feeling healthier, happier and even ran a 10km race!! Fiona has kindly shared her experience below.

Healthier Me

At the start of 2019 something clicked and I knew I wanted to be healthier; I started couch  to 5k (C25K). It was not easy but I followed the programme and trusted it, just taking each  run as it came and focusing on completing it. In week 5 2 things happened, I bought a pair  of running shoes and I had an appointment with a nurse practitioner for my post 40 health  check.  I felt ok going along to this...surely after 5 weeks of C25K I was healthy?!?!Obviously, not  quite and I knew it. I spoke to her about my weight and unhealthy I was feeling. She was  very encouraging and said to keep up the running but maybe there was something else.  She suggested I self refer to Achieve and gave me a leaflet.So I kept running and once I’ve finished C25K I did just that; I self-referred to the weight loss  programme.  It’s fair to say I was skeptical, having tried ‘diet groups’ before which I hated I wasn’t  convinced this would be any different or indeed better.Some of things I really dislike about other diet groups:1. Your weight gain/lose being shared in the group2. Restricting certain foods3. Using words that are too close to sin for my liking4. Being made to put an elastic band around my wrist and ping it every time I thought  about food5. The shame6. The horror7. The lack of dignity8. The lack of real choice

1:1 preliminary meeting

I went to the pre-meeting which included being weighed but more importantly a  conversation with the health practitioner about the programme and my reservations. I felt  reassured and I felt empowered, she talked about how there were no set rules, no shaming  and it would help me take back control of my eating. Wow - that hit a nerve, I do love being  in control of things (everything).

The group and how things have changed

So mid July I went to the first group meeting. Since then my life has changed and over the  summer I learnt how to take back control.   We meet every other week so I feel like there is improvement each time I go. We talk about  nutrition, about food swaps and about reading labels. Stuff that we already knew but  ignored or had forgotten. We talk about the wide ranging benefits of good food choices  and being active and we do a physical session; my favourite part!We also have a really  supportive WhatsApp group - thank you to my ‘Achieve’ friends. I have made several small but significant changes, changes that are sustainable and  incorporated into my life now that I can’t imagine not doing them.1. I think about portion sizes so eat less2. I have swapped dairy milk for coconut milk (delicious)3. I eat more veg and fruit4. I’ve swapped from tonic with my gin to soda5. I snack less on high sugar/high fat foods6. I read labels when buying a sandwich out and do that less anywayI’m also still running, on 1st September I completed my first 10km run and I’m booked on to  another in November. I feel better about me...I do have more choice and more control over  what I eat and I know that Achieve has been the kit start and the support I need to make  that happen, thank you.

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