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Weight Watchers Vouchers – Toni's Story


Every month we provide hundreds of clients across Oxfordshire with Weight Watchers vouchers to get them started on a weight loss programme. Toni started attending back in 2014 after a friend received Weight Watchers vouchers from her GP and encouraged Toni to sign up as well. 4 years and 77 lbs later, we caught up with Toni to see where her Weight Watchers vouchers got her.


Tell us about when and why you joined Weight Watchers?

I joined in February 2014 after a friend started got Weight Watchers vouchers from her GP and encouraged me to get some as well. She gave up after the referral finished, but I carried on without her. It sounds silly, but I'd reached a point where I was embarrassed of myself – things like going to parents' evenings with my children, I felt so self-conscious. I was nervous at my first meeting, but everyone was welcoming and friendly, and the plan wasn't difficult to follow.  

How have your eating habits changed?

I knew deep down what I was eating was wrong, but it was always, "Oh I'll start Monday". I was living off takeaways, drinking a lot, and not realising how much crap I was putting in my body. Or perhaps not caring.  Generally I'd skip breakfast, then I'd have lunch on the go, always walking along and eating, a pasty or something similar. For dinner I'd have a takeaway, usually fish and chips or a Chinese.  Now my meals have completely transformed. I start every day with a bowl of porridge (40g made up with water) and frozen fruit. For lunch I'll have either an omelette or a baked potato and beans. Dinner is generally a chicken breast or Quorn mince and vegetables. I've even convinced my son to do it with me, so we eat the same meals, which makes it easier. It stops me feeling like a loner in the house with my healthy food!  

How do you feel now? What differences have you noticed?

4 years in and I've lost 5 and a half stone. I go to the gym two times a week. The biggest difference I've noticed is my energy levels. I can carry on throughout the day, no need to stop and recharge. I love being active. I regularly walk into Cowley – I now feel guilty for sitting down for more than five minutes!  I'm not the most confident person. Especially when I was bigger I used to hang back a lot, but now I speak out more. I've made friends at the meetings, who I see out and about every now and then. I've always been a guarded person who doesn't let people in, but I'm getting there, step by step. The Weight Watchers vouchers gave me the boost I really needed.  Watch this space for more inspirational stories from our Achieve referral clients. If you've been inspired by Toni's story, why not get 12 weeks' worth of Weight Watchers vouchers to get you started? Click the button below to see if you're eligible!  Am I Eligible?

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